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Construction Engineers

Who Uses Free Life Funding?

Free Life Funding's solutions are industry and product agnostic. With Free Life Funding's streamlined digital lending process, business owners can provide customers access to the best financing options available with a cost-effective and simple integration.

Home Improvement

The Free Life Funding solution is optimized to accommodate home improvement businesses of all sizes. Empower homeowners by making home repairs and upgrades more affordable with flexible financing options!

Dental & Healthcare

Free Life Funding's platform provides versatile financing solutions for traditional and non-traditional healthcare providers. Free Life Funding's affordable financing options allow for full treatment acceptance and exceptional patient experience

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Coaching & Training

The first direct-to-merchant POS financing solution for the coaching & training industry, Free Life Funding is an invaluable asset to your business's growth. Our financing platform integrates seamlessly into your current sales process.

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