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Simple, Fair And Affordable Patient Financing Solutions Are Finally Here

The Free Life Funding Advantage:

With double the industry average approvals, Free Life Funding makes quality dental care affordable,
so your patients can get what they need, not just what they can afford.
Dental Financing Free Life Funding

Soft Credit Pulls

Dental Financing Free Life Funding

Soft Credit Pulls

Soft credit pulls deliver pre-qualified offers at no risk. This allows your customers the freedom to choose what works best for them, as well as providing an easy opportunity for you to get a "second opinion" if your current financing tools are not able to get your patients approved.

Dental Financing Free Life Funding

Simple And Fast

Dental Financing Free Life Funding

Simple And Fast

Our 100% digital platform enables you to transact with your customers quickly and with no paperwork. Free Life Funding Dental Financing allows patients to complete a simple financing application securely from their own device, review prequalified offers in real time, and secure the financing they need within minutes.

Dental Financing Free Life Funding

True Multi-Offer

Dental Financing Free Life Funding

True Multi-Offer

Select from multiple credit products that fit both your practice's and patient's needs. Because we are a true multi-lender platform, we are able to provide nearly double the industry average approvals, which means more happy patients!

For Americans without dental benefits or gaps in their coverage, necessary dental healthcare can be expensive if not entirely cost-prohibitive. According to the American Dental Association, 33.6% of adults ages 19-64 do not have any dental benefits. Of the 50% of adults with dental benefits, many procedures are often not 100% covered. Further, cosmetic dentistry, including dental work that improves the appearance of teeth, gums, and/or bite, may not be covered at all. Flexible and convenient patient financing options improve access to traditional and cosmetic dentistry treatments, creating a better experience for dentists and their patients.

A busy dental office needs fast answers and an easy application to increase enrollments. Let us make financing your patients the easiest part of your day! Avoid the hassle of trying to get patients approved with our easy and simple dental Point Of Sale financing platform, made just for providers like you.

How Much Can Free Life Funding Save Me?

How It Works




Patient Applies.

At the time of sale, your patient completes one universal loan application to receive financing offers without it affecting their credit.

Patient Chooses An Offer.

In real-time, your patient is presented with offers for the maximum approval amount, and chooses the terms they prefer.

You Complete Your Transaction.

After selecting an offer, your patient buys with confidence and we fund your business directly.

Dental Financing Free Life Funding

Product Features

Terms from 24-60 Months

APRs from 7.99%

Financing up to $40,000

Platform Features

Easy to use

Providers funded directly

Live support 7 days a week

Full back-end reporting suite

Dental Financing Free Life Funding
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