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Frequently Asked Questions
About Offering Consumer Financing
Becoming a Free Life Funding partner allows your business to provide simple and flexible customer financing solutions, guaranteeing fast growth for your business. Getting started is simple and easy, as our seamless, multi-lender platform provides affordable financing options for clients across the credit spectrum.

Why Offer Financing To Your Customers?


More Sales

Larger Orders


More Sales

Larger Orders

Giving customers access to POS financing not only gives customers more purchasing power, but also drives sales and increases revenue per sale. Recent independent studies have proven that offering a POS financing payment option on average results in a 42% increase in incremental sales, and a 35% increase in average order value.

Happy Businessman

Retain And Grow Sales Team

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Retain And Grow

Sales Team

Everyone can remember a time they lost a revenue opportunity over the initial cost or monthly payment of the product or service they were selling. Offering financing through Free Life Funding is an easy way to save those sales and retain your best sales people.

Antique Safe

Protect Your Business

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Protect Your


Suddenly being unable to process payments in your business can be a death sentence, and many times just one charge-back with your payment processor can trigger a hold on your hard-earned funds. Using Free Life Funding as your POS financing solution removes risk from the day to day operation of business, allowing you to sleep better at night.

What Would My Customer's Payment Be?

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