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We Finance Your High-Ticket Services
To Eliminate Chasing Payments For Good

Quit Chasing Payments And Never Lose A Sale Again

Because We Fund Your Company Directly
When You Close High-Ticket Sales!

How It Works




Customer Applies.

At the time of sale, your customer completes one universal loan application to receive financing offers without it affecting their credit.

Customer Chooses An Offer.

In real-time, your customer is presented with offers for the maximum approval amount, and chooses the terms they prefer.

You Complete Your Sale.

After selecting an offer, your customer buys with confidence and we fund your business in full up front within 72 hours.

The END Of Chasing Payments

With Free Life Funding you’ll spend zero time chasing payments and have more time to deliver value to more clients. If you are self-financing, you already know the challenges involved with having to collect payments every month, not to mention the cash flow issues this creates for your business.

Our financing solution eliminates the headache of chasing payments, fraudulent chargebacks, you have zero liability for defaulted loans, and we do all the work of collecting loan payments.

Finally, you can be paid in full, up front every time you close a sale - while your customers can make small monthly payments over the course of up to 84 months with no pre-payment penalties. Click here for the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Trusted By Industry Leaders Like...


From $50k Per Month To
Over $1,500,000 Per Month

"Free Life Funding has been an invaluable partner in our growth. At this point, we can't imagine doing business without them."

-Adam Tessler, The Landlord Academy

Record-Breaking Consistent Business Growth

"We've tried a lot of different financing tools, and Free Life Funding Is Unmatched. Working with them has completely changed everything."

-Jake Leicht, The Flip Secrets


Get Paid Directly

When your clients use Free Life Funding to pay for your coaching or consulting services, we fund your business directly within 24-72 hours via direct deposit. Never again lose a sale to "financing fall off" with other companies that fund your customer, leaving you to chase down payments from them. Our financing is fast, easy, and helps drive more revenue into your business.

What's Included If You're Approved?

Custom landing page to quickly walk your potential clients through financing options for your programs from $1,000 to $30,000.

A back office which provides details on loan amounts, approvals, and denials to effectively manage your business's newly found revenue.

Dedicated support staff to get you and/or your team trained on how to use your back office to ensure your success.

Our full merchant training portal with tools, strategies, and frameworks to maximize new revenue acquisition with Free Life Funding.

A true partnership. We charge no setup fees or monthly reoccurring costs - we only succeed when you succeed.

Simply put, we've run numerous 8-Figure sales teams ourselves

So we provide not only the industry's first instant-decision, direct-to-merchant financing tool,
but also the training and support necessary to drive dramatically more revenue for your business.

What Would My Customer's Payment Be?

Use the slider below to determine your customer's estimated monthly payment.*

Replace Your In-House Payment Plans
And Quit Chasing Payments

* The monthly payments above range from great to average credit. Challenged credit will have higher monthly payments. Actual monthly payments may be lower or higher depending on your client’s credit profile. For example purposes only.

While we attempt to approve every merchant,

we are unable to approve all applications.


Please review this list of the most common reasons we’re unable to

approve a merchant before you continue with the application process.

1. Outstanding financial obligations including liens, judgments, and bankruptcy

2. Business license and/or trade license inactive, not in good standing, or revoked

3. Criminal history

4. Current/active lawsuits or litigation

5. Time in business is less than 10 months

6. Businesses not legally registered in the U.S. with an established U.S. bank account

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